London Loving

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own blog for a while now… about a year, come to think of it. What’s stopped me?  I guess I’ve needed a while to actually muster up the courage to go through with it!  Putting my personal thoughts and musings, (which even to me can sometimes seem pointless, silly, and strange) out there for all the world to see?  A little scary for a self-described introvert.  But as a 22-year-old college student from Boston spending a semester living and studying in London, now seems like the perfect time to start.

Change can be terrifying and exciting and deeply personal, but also something others can relate to in some aspect or another.  I hope this blog will serve as a snapshot of my world and my passion for this electric city of London and everything it has to offer.  My life right now can only be described as hectic, fun, sometimes lonely, and a little haphazard.  I’m finding out about my current self in a new country while simultaneously trying to decide what it is I want for my future.

But this blog will be about NOW: things I love, places that make me happy, people I meet along the way, the food I eat, the fashion I lust after and consider art, the books I devour… in a nutshell, a peek into the life of a girl bitten by the travel bug and pushing herself outside of her comfort zone one moment at a time.  It’s now or never to share… I’m going with now.



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