Fashion + Food = One Elated Girl

I’m going to go out on a limb here and just say it: I’m a lucky, LUCKY girl.  This past weekend, I was able to not only attend a little piece of London Fashion Week, but I also discovered Borough Market, one of London’s best and most prestigious food markets.  Ummm… heaven much? My two favorite things, food and fashion, combined into one glorious weekend? Pinch me please. This city knows me too well.

It truly upset me that London Fashion Week was a trade-only event, and therefore, the chance of me seeing anything resembling a runway was about as likely as John Galliano personally delivering me an invitation.  In other words, nil.  So to say that when I heard of a magical little event called London Vodafone Fashion Weekend, I was thrilled beyond belief, despite having no idea what it actually entailed (other than that us lowly commoners, or ‘the public’, as we are kindly referred to, are allowed access).  “London” and “Fashion Week” and “you can go even if you’re not Alexa Chung” were the only phrases that needed to graze my ears before I scurried online to purchase my ticket to the last chance to see some of the clothes I’ve been lusting after on

So on Friday, Septempber 24th, I tottered on my high heels into the magnificent Somerset House, home of all of London Fashion Week’s catwalk shows, and was able to watch a show featuring trends from the Autumn/Winter 2010 collections.  It was fabulous.

Did I mention Somerset House is GORGEOUS at night? Like, truly breathtaking:

Hey there, you gorgeous thing.

Oh right, the clothes were not bad either, though some of the models looked like they had the potential to be Tyra Banks rejects. I felt bad for some of the girls, truly.  One poor thing looked like perhaps one too many glasses of champagne had worked their way into her hands before she needed to totter down the runway.  Sadly, the glare of the blindingly white catwalk and my utter lack of basic camera skills (don’t worry, I’m working on it!) prevented me from getting the caliber of pictures I desired, but here are a few from my humble collection:

Ashley Isham Design. I can see why Gaga is a fan. Work it.

Model Overload.

After the runway, I meandered among the vendors strewn out over the Somerset Galleries hawking their beautiful clothing and accessories for discounted prices, but alas, even at up to 70% off, designer clothes and jewelry simply aren’t college-budget friendly.  Though I won’t lie, this little guy was awfully tempting.  But I had to bid adieu, and prepare for Saturday morning’s extravaganza at the Borough Food Market.

Not going to even attempt to lie: I woke up on Saturday like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning.  I had heard so many amazing things about Borough that I needed to get there STAT.  As in, roomie, get your butt out of bed because I’m hyperventilating from the excitement. Images of sugarplums and homemade hummus and freshly baked bread danced in my head (am I being dramatic?).  Dragging roomie out of bed and into the light of day at noon (hey… we’re college kids. Noon is still morning, especially on a Saturday when most don’t see the outside of their eyelids until around the 1 pm hour), we hopped onto the tube and out into the heaving streets filled with frantic shoppers, greeted by the glorious sight of signs pointing us towards food paradise.  First thing first: we needed fuel, and we needed it bad.  Luckily, our prayers were answered in the form of veggie-ful goodness, courtesy of The Veggie Table:


I opted for the veggie burger-in-a-box, surrounded by a medley of bean salad, carrot salad, bulgar wheat salad… a mash-up of pretty much every amazing salad you could dream of (please tell me other people dream of salad too? Just me? Moving on…).  When the guy behind the booth asked which toppings I wanted, I said everything.  I wasn’t messing around. Needless to say, he happily obliged:


Working our way around the stalls, I managed to snag some unbelievable goodies: fresh raspberries, walnut bread, goat cheese…  I was a happy camper.  Even the sight of dead rabbits hanging from one of the stalls could not ruin my foodie high.

Borough Bunnies

It was okay though, because cookies make everything better, even the sight of dead Thumper.

The elephant cookies in the middle were gorgeous.

And so does drunk cheese:

Drunk Cheese is, not surprisingly, incredible.

Off to spend some quality time with Virginia Woolf… the rough life of an English major.

Night for now,

xox Lindsay

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