Life interferes in the best possible ways…

So I’ve been a bad blogger, and I’ve barely started!  This little thing called life in London seems to keep getting in the way, but I want to fix that. Part of the reason I want to blog in the first place is to have a written time capsule to share my experience and be able to go back and reminisce once I am no longer so lucky as to call South Kensington my home.  I promise to get this project rolling! My thoughts need somewhere to land, and I want it to be in my own little bloggie (is that even a word?!) world where I can store them.

So… on that note… here’s a random fun fact of the day.  I have a bit of a guilty pleasure/new obsession in the form of a pop video. I know, cue the eye roll. My roomie came home from work the other day and insisted on showing me the new Rihanna video for Only Girl in the World and I’ve pretty much kept it on repeat for… 2 weeks? But who’s judging, besides my roommate who probably wants to hurl my laptop into a bustling bunch of black cabs at this point.  But it’s soooo good. And I know I’m a cheeseball for loving it, but music videos never really do much for me – but this one just caught my eye and stuck with me! So it’s sharing-is-caring time (though I’m sure most people have seen it already, at least those who don’t live under a pop culture rock like me)…


Things I Love About RiRi and this song:

  1. The Wizard-of-Ozzy (again, made this word up – I’m entitled!) landscape with the flower fields. Doesn’t that look like something you want to do right now? Roll around on a warm day in gorgeous corsets and flouncy skirts in mountains of flowers? It can’t just be me! It’s such an ethereal, dreamy, girly treatment of the landscape (I think I may be slipping into English major mode a bit here with my analysis, but stick with me)… this video feminizes nature in a way that is simply stunning to look at. And, let’s not lie…I have a weakness for pretty things.
  2. She’s having FUN! And SMILING! Enough with the moody singers trying so hard to be sexy. RiRi IS sexy because she’s happy – her confidence is practically oozing off the screen. She proves you can be cute and bubbly AND sexy – work it, babe.
  3. Can. we. talk. about. the. clothes. The fire-engine red hair was the best decision Rihanna has made (besides leaving Chris Brown, but that’s another can of worms), and she’s rocking the fluffy natural curls like nobody’s business. The over-the-top flowers, diamond-encrusted headbands, flouncy skirts, furry scarves… this video is basically a capsule of everything I love about fashion. The Lolita-esque, playful, girly power in taking the feminine and running with it. She’s never looked better.

The moral of the story of my weird obsession with this video: Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can pull you out of a tough time, when you’re feeling homesick/full of self-doubt/questioning the future… and even though it may seem silly and small, this video made me smile and actually forget about the hard stuff going on right now – the stress here in London and worrying about how my family is holding up, the job hunts and research requirements for the literature program that’s slowly but surely taking over my life… and simply focus on how happy she looks. I can be that happy too, and I’m going to start by smiling more often. And meaning it. And wearing more headbands. Hey, a girl can dream!

Night for now,

xoxo Linds

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