Benefit #1 of Moving Back into the Nest: Free Culinary Reign

As sad as it was to leave my posh London dorm, there’s something to be said about coming home to a familiar place that doesn’t reek of communal living and differing standards of kitchen cleanliness.  Arriving home from England on December 22nd to a warm, cozy kitchen fully stocked with American goodies was enough to have me in tears of joy, thinking of all the recipes I’d been stockpiling but hadn’t been able to make as a college student abroad with limited funds and even more limited pantry space.

Having only one class left before I graduate from Boston University in May, moving back home seemed daunting after living in my own apartment in the city for 2 years.  Once I got over the brief loss and thought about the benefits (still getting to see my friends on the weekends by reserving spots on various couches, saving tonssss of money on housing, getting to see my family more than I have in the past 4 years), I’ve come to terms with the early-twenties emotional rollercoaster that is moving back into the nest.  And, needless to say, I’m actually thrilled about it!

Here’s the deal: I live with my best friend (my mom… yes, i know, I’m a nerd) and 2 brothers, both younger (13 & 20).  I get to pretty much cook whatever I want and they will eat it gladly.  I get to explore my passion for food with reckless abandon, decide if it’s something I get to see myself doing in the future… and I have the ideal guinea pigs!  It’s a win-win… until I accidently give them food poisoning.  Then I may have to rethink this whole scheme.

I’ve been cooking up a storm lately.  Getting my resume perfected, applying for every job known to man while still latching onto the dream that I can find one that combines writing, food, travel, and fashion (a girl can dream, right?), and generally playing the role of Susie Homemaker while my mom works is a full-time job –  but it leaves room for culinary exploration, and I’ve been having a ball doing it!

As an avid  food blog reader, I want to start sharing my own adventures in the kitchen, as a way of getting feedback, sharing ideas, and as a type of journal.  I’ll post my eats (not all, but the ones I want to share!) and rantings on anything and everything in between.  For example, please drool over the one meal I was craving the entire time I was abroad: sushi from Genki Ya in Brookline, MA.  Hands down my favorite.sushi.ever. Organic, fresh, amazing… I couldn’t find anything that held a candle in London, so for my first venture into the city to reunite with one of my best friends, I dragged her out for this exquisite feast:

heaven. bounty of colorful sushi from Genki Ya.

Yesterday was a prime day for cooking up a storm.  The house quiet, I threw on some tunes, rolled up my sleeves, and got to work making homemade marinara sauce and turkey meatballs.  I was on such a kick that when my youngest brother arrived home from school, friends in tow, I whipped up a batch of peanut butter-white chocolate chip cookies.  Having OCD and needing to get things done ASAP  has its benefits at times, and I was feeling like the Giada (if Giada was an adrenaline-fueled nutjob, that is).

the fruits of my labor: turkey meatballs, homemade marinara, salad... pretty colors 🙂

Sadly, I forgot to snap a photo of the cookies.  I baked them yesterday afternoon.  There were 20.  As of 10 pm last night, there were 0.  I’ll take that as a compliment?

Cooking is something that, yes, as cheesy as it sounds, feeds my soul.  I’m a lover of all kinds of cuisines, but cooking healthy and fresh is definitely my main priority, and keeping my family well-nourished through good food is one of the best parts of being back home… my own address can wait.

Until tomorrow!



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