Dreaming in Couture

Massachusetts weather has definitely been affecting my mood lately… there’s only so much slush I can handle at one time! As we are on the brink of yet another New England storm (a foot by tomorrow, gahhh!!), I’ve been trying to get my mind off of winter by focusing on happier thoughts. Summer can’t come soon enough!

Here are a few things that have helped me forget the fact I can’t feel my toes in this blistering cold of a winter! Fashion always knows how to bring me to another world of dreamlike fantasy, where chiffon and lace are appropriate all year round…

Karl does it again... Chanel Spring Couture 2011

Structure, romance, pink… there’s nothing I don’t like about this dress. And the buttons are too precious!

Cotton Candy.

Just imagine wearing this confectionary concoction while sipping champagne and lounging on a silk sofa…. a girl can dream, no? Karl has my heart.

…but so does Elie Saab. Β The Spring 2011 Couture collection was simple, sexy, and nothing short of stunning. Β Girly romance at its best.

The shoulders, the slit, the subtlety of the muted rose color... gorgeous.

The evil twin to the rosy romance... sexy yet sophisticated, prim yet provocative.

Flirty, flouncy, and fierce.

Anything but basic black.

(all photos from style.com)

While simple and understates, there’s something so effortlessly romantic about Elie Saab that leaves me speechless. Nothing like some couture to get me out of this cold-weather slump.

…I wonder if they make sequined snuggies?




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