Little Things

This past Sunday, while watching the Grammys (and trying to wrap my head around the Gaga/womb concept…still pondering that one) I did something I haven’t done in a REALLY long time: I cried. I’ve never been one to get emotional over TV shows, movies, or musical performance, but there was something about Miranda Lambert’s singing of “The House That Built Me” that had my mom throwing the tissue box at me from across the room. I had never heard the song before, and I’m not even sure that the song itself is what got me (since I also later welled up during the wedding montage behind Katy Perry as she sang about Russell Brand… seriously, what’s wrong with me?!?!?).  But watching Miranda get caught up in emotions while singing made me think – I’ve been going through these past few months doing things I’ve needed to do – school, job applications, etc. – that sometimes I forget to just. chill. out.  And breath (which I hear is good for you?).  And sometimes, I NEED to.  Breathe, that is. It’s little stuff, small moments that make you stop and think about the bigger picture, that is often just what you need to put everything back into perspective.

Here are a few other little things that have caught my attention lately, and made me pause and just BE in the moment. Sometimes, it really is the tiny, silly, fun things in life that get you through the tougher stuff…

Devouring sushi with loved ones:

Inari Pillows from Mai Pearl (fave sushi place outside of Boston) --- these things are out.of.control. Fried bean curd skin stuffed with shrimp, kani, tobiko, avocado, spicy mayo.

Pouring over NY Fashion Week coverage on


In the fantasy world in my head, Marchesa dresses me all the time.

Emergency trips to Trader Joe’s, aka the place that owns my soul:

Only the necessities... obviously.

Valentine’s day surprises (my brother managed to steal one away before documentation):

Red velvets are the best. With chocolate a close second. Vanilla, I'm sorry...can we still be friends?

Here’s to the little things.



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