What I’m Lovin’ Lately

A few of my latest loves…

1. fruity yogurt breakfasts (my form of denial that summertime is not in my immediate future):

plain greek yogurt with cinnamon, banana, frozen raspberries, kashi golean, sprinkle of puffins, almond butter. I should just connect myself to a coffee IV.

2. Feminine, floral, flirty, ballerina-inspired clothing:

3. …which is most likely a result of my obsession with said ballerina-inspired movies up for Oscars on Sunday:

4. beautiful, eclectic, preferably mismatched kitchenware…I have a weakness for kitschy dining accessories. Don’t hate!


5. And to round out the randomness… definitely loving carbs…

divine bread from a lunch in London with Mama King this summer. Crusty on the outside, gooey on the inside. Nohing better.

6. …and comfy, cute pj’s. If I have to endure winter for a few more months, I’m gonna do it right!


the only suggestion I would make to the kind Victoria’s Secret design team is to add footie pajamas to the range. Maybe not sexy, but absolutely practical!

Good night to everyone!

xoxox Linds


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