Delicious Distractions

A few days ago, I was feeling overwhelmed, cranky, and generally frazzled.  So instead of completing that day’s to-do list, I called it quits and decided to do something for my soul (and the souls of anyone unfortunate enough to come in contact with my bitchy self on that particular day) – I got my butt in the kitchen and cooked. For 4 hours. Cooking is equivalent to therapy, no? I ended up making the world’s largest batch of Turkey Chili, and it was (and still is… the leftovers will be feeding my family for the next week) phenomenal. I used Jenna’s recipe (whose blog I am obsessed with and that I’m constantly scouring for new food ideas), tweaking it just a touch to appease my brothers’ spicy food aversion:

Bubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble….please ignore Nigella, she’s just jealous she can’t smell the fabulousness.


Glamour Shot. Note the bay leaf trying to escape...

Sadly, my corn bread effort was a massive fail. Epic, even.


They may look all cute in their little mini muffin shapes, but they tasted like cardboard. And dirt. Run over by a car.

I had a second attempt at edible cornbread last night, but unfortunately, it was only a slight improvement from round 1. In other words, another catastrophe. My mom forgave me, then promptly bought pre-made bread from BJs. Moms know best. Especially when they treat you to cocktail hour on a random weekday:

Lychee Martini at Mai Pearl. Divine.

Needless to say, the mood has lifted and I’m ready to face the to-do list once again. Nothing a little chili and cocktails can’t fix.

One thought on “Delicious Distractions

  1. I told you i would comment!! Guess who just watched you drink one of those??!! Hahahaha It was me.

    P.S. I still think it looks like am albino piece of poop.
    Anyone who reads, just look at it and during the gazing phase, imagine an albino piece of doodoo and you will know exactly what I’m talking about.
    Trust Me

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