Irresistible Icons: Rihanna

As anyone who knows me can attest, I’m completely obsessed with anything and everything having to do with Rihanna.  So imagine my delight (and the concern of the people around me when they turned to stare at the crazy girl shrieking waving around magazines) when I came across this yesterday while running errands:

Anna Wintour, you read my mind. One of my favorite covers!

For me, Rihanna represents someone who has been through the ringer more than once and, each time, has gotten up stronger and more sassy than ever before.  I’ve always liked her sense of style, but this past year has truly marked a shift from pop star to style maven. Her ability to reinvent herself, to push boundaries in music and fashion, and to never sacrifice her clear comfort in her own skin for anyone else’s standard of beauty make her a definite style icon in my eyes.

In Jonathan Van Meter’s piece for Vogue on the effervescent pop star, Rihanna’s stylist Mariel Haenn describes her as having “a very strong idea of what she wants…there is always some sort of, for lack of a better word, cool factor. But because of her confidence, it never looks like a costume – it seems effortless.”


Rocking floral, leopard, and can-can girl looks, all in one. Ferocious.
In a laser-cut, origami-esque Marchesa fantasy dress.
Only someone with her confidence could wear this unreal Jean Paul Gaultier gown and still look elegant. Princess gone bad.


In Elie Saab Couture. The hair, the gown, the carpet. She owns it.

Flawless and Fierce in Dolce & Gabbana
Mixing attitude with elegance in Derek Lam.

I adore the way she unabashedly takes the trends, adds a flair, and makes her own look that no one else could possibly rock. Her confidence radiates, and her style, while wild and avant-garde, is truly her own. She clearly has fun with her clothes, makes cheeky statements with accessories, and uses fashion as an outlet for fun.

Personal style is something that is so intriguing to me, as a sort of anthropological case-study. What people wear and why they choose to wear it has served as a constant source of fascination, and images of captivating and creative ensembles lure me in as an expression of the wearer’s mood, disposition, and attitude. Rihanna wears her heart on her sleeve (no awful pun intended), and so poignantly wears what she wants while maintaining the bad-girl attitude to match!



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