Comfort Cuisine

I’ve never considered myself a picky eater. My parents raised my brothers and I to try everything. If we didn’t like, we never had to eat it again, but we were never allowed to refuse something before trying it first.  I have the cutest photograph of my then 2-year-old brother slurping a Wellfleet oyster straight off of the half-shell while the kids around him clamored for hot dogs and chicken fingers. Clearly we’re a family of foodies!

While I definitely consider myself a culinary risk-taker, there are some meals that I always revert back to because they are comfortable, simple, and reliable.  Trying new things is fun, but there are some dietary staples that I would be sad to part with.

Some of my favorite meals that I always revert back to…

Favorite breakfast of all time - yogurt bowls! I think this one was plain Chobani with banana slices, frozen berries + mango, and a mix of Puffins & Kashi GoLean


Spinach salad topped with salmon, crumbled goat cheese, avocado, carrots, TJ's craisins. Fuji on the side, and obvi a Diet Coke (Diet Crack?)

pizzaaaa. I don't trust anyone who doesn't like pizza! This one was loaded with veggies and mozz.

What are your personal comfort foods?



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