Jumping over June

Hello, Bloggers/Blogettes!

Today I realized that my most recent post is from the last day in MAY – did June seriously happen already?!? I mean, I know a lot happened in May

1. 5-year High School Reunion (when did I get old?!)

Me (left) and high school bestie Callie!

2. College Graduation

Me with the college besties. Love ❤

Me and the baby broski...who had somehow managed to surpass me in height in the past 3 months. It's terrifying.

Commencement address via the adorable Katie Couric - she was fantastic. Not too cheesy, and really down-to-earth.

I may have been more excited that Jacques Pepin, French chef/culinary god was an honorary degree recipient than the fact that I got a diploma...isn't he adorable in his hat?!

3. A long-overdue, post-grad visit to the Dirty Jerz to venture into Manhattan with more best girlies for Memorial Day weekend/’who can track down the most sailors’ contest:

Casual Backseat of the Cab Photo...stealthy

4. Don’t worry, the weekend debauchery did include cultural pursuits as well!

Visit to the Met for the Alexander McQueen exhibition --- in a word, breathtaking.

4. ….an epic trip which obviously capped off with sinfully delicious cupcakes at Sweet Revenge:

Crimson&Cream and Sweet Revenge cupcakes, with a side of Vanilla and Raspberry Bellinis!

As if time doesn’t move fast enough already, I literally feel as though I blinked and skipped my favorite time of year – my birthday month! Reflecting on June, though, a lot has happened. Ready for the recap? Let’s do this thang:

1. I got my apron on and cooked up some delish meals for la famille:

Turkey Burger Patties, pre-grilling. That floating raw egg looks mighty appetizing, no?

Burgers post-contstruction - don't worry, I soon decided the lettuce-as-bun simply would not suffice, and went back for approximately 37 tortilla chips for carby balance.

Spring Risotto! I really need to work on improving my photography skills. These measly pictures just aren't cutting it!

I used this recipe from Cooking Light, but swapped the edamame for peas (I love edamame more, but we’re moving in a month and trying to use up our freezer stockpile!)…it came out great!

Served as a side with steamed fish, veggies, and salad - I think the fish is hiding under the zucchini somewhere. Ninja fish.

And of course, there’s been a whole lot of raob (random acts of bliss):

1. I randomly decided to paint my nails in this dashing combo of barbie pink and glitter -dubbed “Lindsay’s princess nails,” they made me smile for the one day they remained unchipped. Seriously, why can I not maintain a manicure to save my life?

Yes, I am aware that my hands are midget-proportioned.

2. A weekend trip to Cape Cod to visit my brother and celebrate my 23rd birthday with my mom because… we have the same birthday! Fun fact: I was born on both my mom’s birthday and Father’s day. My mom always jokes that I had to steal her thunder – I was two weeks late! Clearly I was waiting for the spotlight.

Happy 50th Mom! (don't kill me for writing your real age!)

Oysters for the Birthday girls at Wellfleet Harbor - freshly shucked by my brother himself, pro shucker extraordinaire!

3. Riding in a pretty red Mustang for the weekend! My mom has always dreamed of having a convertible (one day when I’m rich mom, it’ll be yours!), so she rented one for her 50th. It was a beauty! So much fun to ride around in, on the most perfect summer day on Cape Cod.

Mustang Sally

Which we later drove back to Boston in, in the chilly night. Of course, we refused to put the top up (how often is it you get to ride in a Mustang? That top was NOT going up!) So instead, I whipped out the perfectly timed birthday present my mom gave me mere hours earlier:

Yes, that is a pink Snuggie. Yes, I rode the entire way back to Boston in the Snuggie. No, I know no shame.

4. Discovering on a new product that could be either the worst or best idea I’ve ever heard… I have no intention of finding out:


June also involved a family reunion, job-hunting, and some serious self-reflection that I will save for another post… trust me, I have plenty of material to fill July!



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