Bite Me

Givenchy SS12

Givenchy SS12

From an early age, I’ve managed to maintain a healthy fear of the ocean. Growing up in New England, my consistent proximity to the water meant endless summers spent digging holes in the sand to read my books in peace. The only thing that warranted emerging from my sandy library was the promise of boogie boarding and body surfing in the waves.

Recently, I’ve found myself consistently drawn to tough accessories that borrow a bite from the darker side of the ocean. Salt water is anything but neutral: bitterly dark, alarmingly cold, and brimming with the potential to suck you in and never let go. Β What better aesthetic is there to bring to the harsh city streets than with a bevy of bold shark-inspired accessories?

I’m drawn to the latest crop of shark-themed wardrobe additions for their slick, sophisticated aesthetic and ability to toughen up even the prettiest of pastels. Mastered at Givenchy, the sleek shark silhouette registers as bold without being brash, and is the ideal way to channel the currents of the scuba-centric nautical trend happening right now.

I can’t help but covet these harsh pieces rendered pretty by feminine shapes, glimmering metallics, and a brilliant bite…

Givenchy Embellished Hagfish Sandals at NET-A-PORTER

Tom Binns Parure Last Laugh Shark Earrings,

Fallon Rose Gold Shark’s Tooth Cuff, Barneys

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